About Us

The NWCX League  was established in 2007 by former international professional bike racer and British cyclocross legend Barry Davies.  In 2016 administration of the Group and League   transferred  to  NWCX Group Committee.   NWCX Group administers  a series of CX races across North Wales from September until late January. In practice, races are organised by a mix of clubs and individuals.  NWCX welcomes all competitors whether experienced or  newcomer.  Competitors as young as 6 and as old as 75  routinely compete.  NWCXG prefers the use of classic cyclocross bikes although many competitors use mountain bikes.  Young riders are particularly welcome. Adult riders  new to cyclocross or bike racing can enter the beginners race. This is run earlier in the day and  has proven to be popular. All events feature junior courses  from 11-1230 and a senior race at 1315.  NWCX enforces a Single Frameset Rule. This restricts competitors to one bike, reducing  equipment requirements and helping to create a level playing field.   For similar reasons pressure washers are outlawed.