Our Race Rules

Race Rules

We don’t need a lot of rules to run our friendly Cyclocross events, but there are some guiding principles for participants in  this League:

  • Single framesets only – one bike only per competitor.
  • No pressure washers


League points will be awarded as best 8 scores from 10 events (note, this can be 7 from 9 depending on seasonal event league variations). This rule is subject to relaxation at the discretion of NWCX Committee  where bad weather has prevented attendance or where a competitor has been affected by circumstances beyond their control.

Race Disclaimer

Competitors are asked to abide by the following disclaimer

“I agree to abide by NWCXG Rules and Regulations and  consent that I
am participating entirely at my own risk. I must rely on my own ability in
dealing with hazards and ride in a manner which is safe for myself and
others. I agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to the
race organiser, promoting club, sponsor, NWCXG or its officials, or any officials
and members of the promoting club, in respect of any injury, loss, or
damage suffered by me or by reason of taking part in this event,
howsoever caused. I am not subject to any suspension imposed on me by
any other cycling or sporting organisation which I have not previously declared to NWCXG.
I confirm and acknowledge that my attention has been drawn to these
conditions, that I have read and understand these conditions, and
that I accept them as part of my agreement to be permitted to race.