Our Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

NWCXG ‘Public Liability’ insurance indemnifies the Group and/or Landowner up to a limit of £10,000,000  against individual claims in relation to  NWCX events.  This is inline with standard industry practice.

NWCXG insurance DOES NOT provide personal injury cover to competitors. Race participants are advised to male adequate personal accident insurance arrangements.

NWCXG insurance DOES NOT provide any level of insurance cover for participants outwith the immediate competition area. Cover is not provided for incidents on highways, car parking areas or adjoining areas.

Personal Accident Insurance for participants is NOT provided for.

Employers’ Liability 
NWCXG Cycling ‘Employers’ Liability’ protects our event organisers (the Employer) in the event of an injury to a race official such as a marshal, a first aid officer, a score keeper or race assistant. The  volunteer or official  need not necessarily be a member of NWCX Group, in circumstances where the volunteer may be deemed legally responsible.  Under existing laws  a race volunteer can be deemed an Employee even if they are not paid. Employers’ Liability provides protection to the event organiser  in the event of any volunteers becoming injured during the course of their activities.